There’s something very authentic in her voice. I love the richness of it, yet she doesn’t lose that purity that is needed for something truly moving.


The new single from Katherine Penfold has arrived!

Released to iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and other popular platforms, “Are You There” is quickly gaining momentum!




An iPhone, a Lumix, a selfie-stick and a Joby

Medium.com || Written by Lucie Watson

Singer-songwriter and popular YouTuber Katherine Penfold has just released a new single Are You There, accompanied with a music video shot in the English Countryside using a Lumix LX100. The song explores the familiar notion of a relationship crumbling and the realisation that it’s over, and the video portrays this beautifully, shot in just one take and with natural elements throughout the video that match the song with such serendipity it’s as if it’s
been planned.

In the climate of do-it- yourself music releases I knew Katherine’s knowledge and experience was invaluable for other new artists who may not have the wealth of support from a label, so I was fortunate enough to ask Katherine a few questions about the video and equipment used.

L: Firstly, can you please tell me a bit about the single Are You There and how you concepted the video for this?

K: Are You There is a song I wrote in 2011 at a solo songwriting retreat. It was one of those songs that came together in minutes — lyrics, melodies and instrumentation. I sent it to my producer Jordan straight after I was done, and though I was on the retreat to write for my 3rd album, Love, we both agreed Are You There needed to be saved for something special. I’m so glad we did, as there are lyrics that I only really understand now, years later, and Jordan and I wouldn’t have known to take the pop/electronic route to express everything the song has to offer.



I’d been Vlogging regularly since arriving in England in January, so when the song had come together, I knew what I wanted was to use that Vlogging “view” for the music video as well. The story within “Are You There” is such a personal one, I wanted to film it in an equally personal way; showing a
progression through that sorrow and pain into a place where one can feel stronger and begin to thrive again.

L: The video looks like it was shot in just a few takes?

K: I wanted the whole video to be one shot, flowing from me holding my small Lumix LX100 on a Joby Gorillapod to passing it off to my best friend when it got to the point to start dancing. We tested the idea a few times, but it just wasn’t going to work, so I decided to hold the camera the entire time, and I’m actually really glad I did. I think I am so bad at dancing, but my holding the camera gave me…


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